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Juan de Fuca Lacrosse

PO Box 28030
Westshore RPO
Victoria, BC  V9B 6K8


Jean Gallagher

Registration Fees
Division Year Born Age Regular / Late*
U7 2018-2019 5-6 $150.00 / $150.00
U9 2016-2017 7-8 $290.00 / $330.00
U11 2014-2015 9-10 $370.00 / $370.00
U13 2012-2013 11-12 $425.00 / $465.00
U15 2010-2011 13-14 $440.00 / $480.00
U17 2008-2009 15-16 $460.00 / $500.00
U11 (Female) 2014-2015 9-10 $290.00 / $290.00
U13 (Female) 2012-2013 11-12 $295.00 / $295.00
U15 (Female) 2010-2011 13-14 $305.00 / $305.00
U17 (Female) 2008-2009 15-16 $315.00 / $315.00
U22 (Female) 2003-2007 17-21 $315.00 / $315.00
*Late fees in effect on April 1, 2024 at 11:59pm
Discount Information

Regular price for oldest child, $25 off for second child, $75 off for each additional child. Discounts are automatically applied when registering all children in one registration. Please remember to select the "Add another Player" from the right side of the screen after you have entered the parent information.

Discounts do not apply to Female Box Lacrosse players as they will be transferred to the host association of that division. Therefore, female players must be registered separately from their siblings.

General Information

Please note If you are a Billet student staying in the Westshore area, you must register with your Home Association and fill out a release form. Please contact Jean Gallagher at Registrar@jdflacrosse.com for more information.

Registration fee includes a $50.00 Fundraising fee per player (max 2 per family) that can be earned back through the sales of raffle tickets. Female registration fees does not include fundraising fee.

All new players must provide a copy of their birth certificate and proof of residency in the prescribed format as defined by the BCLA, such as property tax bill, Hydro bill, gas bill, cable etc. Please email this information to the registrar at Registrar@jdflacrosse.com or mail copies to

Juan de Fuca Lacrosse
PO Box 28030
Westshore RPO
Victoria, BC V9B 6K8
ATTN: Registrar

Please note
It is now mandatory to have your birth certificate # on your registration so have that information with you before you begin the sign up process.


JDF is exploring the idea of having a U7 and a U9 team who holds practices only in Sooke. Home games will be held at JDF or Belmont and away games will be at the appropriate association's box.

If you are interested in this option, please select 'SOOKE U7' or 'SOOKE U9' from the options page, or put a note in the comments field.

If there are not enough players to form a team who practices in Sooke, you will have the option to join a team that practices at JDF, or be refunded with no penalty. This decision to form a Sooke team will be communicated by April 1st at the latest.


All of the Female Divisions are being hosted by the Victoria-Esquimalt Lacrosse Association. Registration fees will be paid at time of registration directly to VELA: velacrossetreasurer@gmail.com.

Families should include in the e-transfer notes, their player's name, catchment association (JDF), and age division (if known).

If you have questions please contact Dawn Ranns, VP Female Lacrosse at dawn.ranns@jdflacrosse.com

Payment Options

JDF is still offering E-Transfer as a form of payment. If you would like to use this method, select "E-transfer" as method of payment when registering your child, then please send funds to etransfers@jdflacrosse.com. If prompted for a password, use jdflax.

PayPal is still an option for payment. If you have questions, please contact Registrar@jdflacrosse.com.


Any players applying for KidSport or other grant please use the Sponsorship pay method. Also note that only the base registration fee is covered.

Parents are responsible for the fundraising fee (which can be earned back through raffle ticket sales) team shorts, tryout fees. etc. Contact the registrar at Registrar@jdflacrosse.com for payment of these items.

NOTE: Players that are using sponsorship will not be considered registered until they provide proof of sponsorship by photo or letter from the sponsor (or application).

Buddy Requests

NEW FOR 2024:
Only one (1) request per player, requests must be noted in the comments section of the registration form. In order to be considered .

Players must have a matching request from the buddy being requested.

For example:
Ben Shooter requests Sam Brickwall to be his buddy > Sam Brickwall must request Ben Shooter to be his buddy as well, in order to be considered.

All buddy requests must be received prior to team formation or by the last day of assessments, whichever comes first.

JDFLA will do their best to honour buddy requests but they are not guaranteed.

Absolutely no coaches requests will be accepted.

JDF Team Shorts

If you are a new player or have lost/misplaced your team shorts, you can order shorts as part of your registration. JDF team shorts are part of the uniform and must be worn at all league games. Please check the box if you need shorts. If you are registering under Female only box lacrosse, the shorts do not apply as you will be transferred to VELA. PLEASE NOTE - The shorts fit big, so it is recommended to size down from usual clothing sizes.


All players in U13, U15 and U17 will have the opportunity be assessed for A, B and/or C in their division if registered before January 25th, 2024. These assessments will be of no charge.

Players in the U11 division will be assessed to form balanced teams. These assessments will be of no charge. Please go to www.jdflacrosse.com for assessment dates and information.

If you register after assessments are complete in your division, you will not be assessed but will be placed on a team that requires players.

Payment Methods Accepted

PayPal  Sponsorship  E-Transfer 

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be submitted in writing to the JDF Registrar, Jean Gallagher at registrar@jdflacrosse.com. A $50.00 processing fee will apply to all refunds.

Full refund less a $50 Admin fee prior to February 24th and have not attended any Tryouts, Assessments or Back to the Box sessions

Full refund less the BCLA fee (TBC, was $46 in 2023) and a $50 Admin fee from February 25th to March 31st or if you have participated in any Tryouts, Assessments or Back to the Box sessions prior to February 24th.

Refunds after March 31st only for medical/injury reasons. Must be accompanied by a doctor’s note and will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Executive.

Please allow 30 days for processing

Please complete the refund form (found under Registration on the JDF website) and email to registrar@jdflacrosse.com

Privacy Policy

All information collected during registration will only be used by my local lacrosse association and the British Columbia Lacrosse Association for registration purposes. The information collected will not be shared with any parties outside of the BC Lacrosse Association and its members.

Terms & Conditions

As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) I am registering, I confirm that all information I submit is accurate. If it is determined at any time after the registration is processed, that I have registered with an association that is outside of my residential catchment area, and the proper release has not been obtained from the local commission, the registration shall be deemed null and void and my money refunded.