Welcome to the online registration system of:

Burnaby Field Lacrosse Club

3855 Trinity Street
Burnaby, BC  V5C 1N4


Rhonda Manson and Jackie White

Registration Fees
Division Year Born Age Regular / Late*
U7 Field 2017-2018 5-6 $175.00 / $225.00
U9 Field 2015-2016 7-8 $230.00 / $280.00
U11 Field 2013-2014 9-10 $275.00 / $325.00
U13 Field 2011-2012 11-12 $275.00 / $325.00
U15 Field 2009-2010 13-14 $275.00 / $325.00
U17 Field 2007-2008 15-16 $275.00 / $325.00
U19 Field 2005-2006 17-18 $275.00 / $325.00
U7 Women's Field 2017-2018 5-6 $175.00 / $225.00
U9 Women's Field 2015-2016 7-8 $200.00 / $250.00
U11 Women's Field 2013-2014 9-10 $230.00 / $280.00
U13 Women's Field 2011-2012 11-12 $230.00 / $280.00
U15 Women's Field 2009-2010 13-14 $230.00 / $280.00
U17 Women's Field 2007-2008 15-16 $230.00 / $280.00
U19 Women's Field 2005-2006 17-18 $230.00 / $280.00
*Late fees in effect on August 16, 2023 at 11:59pm
Discount Information

Regular price for two oldest children, 50% discount for each additional child.

First-time players will receive Early Bird rate*

Please make a note on your e-transfer if discounts apply.

General Information

Interac eTransfer is the only available payment method.

Please include the ATHLETE(S) Full Names; League (Women's / Youth); Division / Age Group in the payment notes so that the club can track payment (and refunds if necessary) more easily.

Families MUST submit electronically, copies of your birth certificate, CareCard, and proof of residency (ie: BC Hydro, Cable ...) as per the request of the Club Registrar.

If you were released or grandfathered in Box Lacrosse ... it does NOT carry over to field ... you must seek the proper paperwork. For more information please see: https://pcfll.bc.ca/releases.html.

Payment Methods Accepted

Sponsorship  E-Transfer 

Refund Policy

Refunds of registration fees must be applied for in writing via hand, or electronically to the club registrar and are subject to the following:

Full refund upon receipt of request prior to the start o the season/first practice

Full refund, less $50, upon receipt of request prior to the start of the first tiering game

75% refund, less $50, upon receipt of request prior to the October Thanksgiving weekend 50% refund, less $50, upon receipt of request prior to November 1st.

Refunds due to injury or medical reason, will be at the discretion of the BFLC Exec Board of Directors

Privacy Policy

All information collected during registration will only be used by my local lacrosse association and the British Columbia Lacrosse Association for registration purposes. The information collected will not be shared with any parties outside of the BC Lacrosse Association and its members.

Terms & Conditions

As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) I am registering, I confirm that all information I submit is accurate. If it is determined at any time after the registration is processed, that I have registered with an association that is outside of my residential catchment area, and the proper release has not been obtained from the local commission, the registration shall be deemed null and void and my money refunded.