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Surrey Lacrosse Association

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Karen Piper

Registration Fees
Division Year Born Age Regular
U7 Field 2017-2018 5-6 $0.00
U9 Field 2015-2016 7-8 $0.00
U11 Field 2013-2014 9-10 $0.00
U13 Field 2011-2012 11-12 $0.00
U15 Field 2009-2010 13-14 $0.00
U17 Field 2007-2008 15-16 $0.00
U19 Field 2005-2006 17-18 $0.00
U7 Women's Field 2017-2018 5-6 $0.00
U9 Women's Field 2015-2016 7-8 $0.00
U11 Women's Field 2013-2014 9-10 $0.00
U13 Women's Field 2011-2012 11-12 $0.00
U15 Women's Field 2009-2010 13-14 $0.00
U17 Women's Field 2007-2008 15-16 $0.00
U19 Women's Field 2005-2006 17-18 $0.00
Discount Information

If a family has 3 or more children, discounts will be applied to every child after the first 2. The first two children will pay full price and the subsequent children will pay 50% of regular registration dues. Discount will be applied to the younger child(ren).

General Information


Registration is now OPEN. Please read all authorizations carefully and be certain you approve of this process. Your completed registration is agreement of such.

We have set the fees to zero for all divisions for this step of registration. This step sets up your player for BCLA insurance, and rostering to their BCLA Division.

Once you register here, you will receive an email confirmation with a TeamSnap registration link in it. Please click on that link, in your confirmation email, and complete that form for the second step of registration.

All pricing and payments will be presented and processed through TeamSnap. Our website also contains a detail of the fees.

Important points to note:

If there are multiple teams in any one division, there may be an additional tryout fee for higher level of play.

Please note that in addition to the SLA season fees, there may be additional team/tournament fees during the season. Once teams have been established, there will be a team meeting to determine your team fees.

Each player/family is also required to submit two deposit cheques to the Team’s Manager once teams have been established.
  1. Jersey Deposit Cheque ($75)
  2. Volunteer Deposit Cheque ($100)
Please refer to our Surrey Warriors website for further information.

Jerseys will be lent out for each player after a post-dated $75 deposit fee is collected. Team managers will provide more information.

One pair of shorts will be provided to each player and are included in registration fees.

Due to the size of our Association, releasing of players to another association may occur if we do not have enough players to form teams. Executive and coaches will keep players/parents informed of these decisions.

Once you have completed registration in full, please always watch our website at surreylacrosse.com/warriors for updated information regarding drop-ins/try-outs/practices.

General Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire before registration: On behalf of the Executive of Surrey Lacrosse, thank you all. We look forward to a fantastic WARRIORS Field Lacrosse season!

Refereeing Information

If you are over the age of 14 at the time of registration and are interested in refereeing, please ensure you check off the “interested in refereeing” box during the registration process. Please understand that not all applicants are accepted.

Payment Methods Accepted

Sponsorship  E-Transfer 

Refund Policy

Refunds of registration fees must be applied for via email to the SLA Registrar at registrar@surreylacrosse.com

* Please see our Surrey Warriors website for this season’s Refund Policy.

Privacy Policy

All information collected during registration will only be used by my local lacrosse association and the British Columbia Lacrosse Association for registration purposes. The information collected will not be shared with any parties outside of the BC Lacrosse Association and its members.

Terms & Conditions

As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) I am registering, I confirm that all information I submit is accurate. If it is determined at any time after the registration is processed, that I have registered with an association that is outside of my residential catchment area, and the proper release has not been obtained from the local commission, the registration shall be deemed null and void and my money refunded.