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Langley Minor Lacrosse Association

PO Box 31112
RPO Thunderbird
Langley, BC  V1M 0A9


Sarah Evans

Registration Fees
Division Year Born Age Early Bird+ / Regular
U5 Field 2017 5 $95.00 / $125.00
U7 Field 2015-2016 6-7 $110.00 / $140.00
U9 Field 2013-2014 8-9 $170.00 / $205.00
U11 Field 2011-2012 10-11 $260.00 / $295.00
U13 Field 2009-2010 12-13 $280.00 / $315.00
U15 Field 2007-2008 14-15 $280.00 / $315.00
U18 Field 2004-2006 16-18 $280.00 / $315.00
Tyke Field (U8 - Girls) 2014-2017 5-8 $110.00 / $140.00
Youth (U12) Women's 2010-2013 9-12 $260.00 / $295.00
Junior (U15) Women's 2007-2009 13-15 $280.00 / $315.00
Junior (U19) Women's 2003-2006 16-19 $280.00 / $315.00
+Early bird fees in effect until August 7, 2022 at 11:59pm
General Information

Registration And Required Documentation


Before being eligible to participate in lacrosse activities, new players must do the following:
  1. Provide a copy of the player's birth certificate and care card by scanning or taking a clear photo and emailing to registrar@langleythunder.ca. Forward TWO (2) Proof of Residency documents by scanning or taking a clear photo and emailing them to registrar@langleythunder.ca.

    Accepted documents showing the player's residential address (The documents must be current, show your Township of Langley, Aldergrove, or City of Langley Residency and the name of the account holder. You can black out the actual account number if you wish):
    • Hydro bill
    • Fortis BC bill
    • Property Tax bill
    • Landline telephone bill or internet bill (not cellular phone bill)
    If you currently rent and do not pay utilities, you must:
    • Submit your signed rental agreement (full agreement required) and
    • Provide one piece of Government-issued ID showing your Langley address (ie. BC Driver’s License, BC ID Card, BC Services Card, personal tax assessment)
    • Our Club Registrar reserves the right to request additional Proof of Residency Documents; the player will not be allowed to participate until the requested documents are received.
  2. Complete the Field Lacrosse Player forms (links will be provided by the registrar):
    • Code of Conduct
    • Illness Policy
    • Medical Information
RETURNING PLAYERS (3 years or more registered in field)

Returning players must complete the Field Lacrosse Player Form to be eligible to participate in lacrosse activities (form link will be provided by the registrar): Residency Information
A player must live and reside in Langley or Aldergrove to register with Langley Minor Lacrosse (specific proof is required – see above for accepted documents). There is no exception to this rule unless the player is grandfathered to play with us or has registered with their home association and has been placed within our association by the League’s Head Commissioner.

Residency rules are set by the BC Lacrosse Association and must be followed by all minor associations.

Family Discount of 25% off all registrations is applied when one person registers 3 or more children living in the same household. All 3 or more children must start the regular season. You must apply to the Treasurer (treasurer@langlethunder.ca) for this discount AFTER the regular season starts.

Any questions with regards to registration should be sent to our Registrar.

Payment Methods Accepted

PayPal  Sponsorship  E-Transfer 

Refund Policy

As per LMLA operating policy .

Privacy Policy

All information collected during registration will only be used by my local lacrosse association and the British Columbia Lacrosse Association for registration purposes. The information collected will not be shared with any parties outside of the BC Lacrosse Association and its members.

Terms & Conditions

As the parent/guardian of the child(ren) I am registering, I confirm that all information I submit is accurate. If it is determined at any time after the registration is processed, that I have registered with an association that is outside of my residential catchment area, and the proper release has not been obtained from the local commission, the registration shall be deemed null and void and my money refunded.